Your child can carry his/her things in:

– a backpack – it is capacious, comfortable and one can strap the foam pam to it

– a suitcase – it is useful, comfortable and light. Check if it is not too heavy and your child will not have problems while carrying it or bringing it to the bus/train.

– a satchel – with documents, handy stuff and some food for the trip


For the night time:

– a foam pad – it is light and useful. However, it is hard to move in the crowd while carrying it.

– air mattress – it is heavier than a foam pad but it takes less place in a luggage (folded mattress is similiar to a towel). Your child can also bring his/her own pump but it can be borrowed as well.

– light blanket and a pillow – since the convention takes place in summer it is not required to take sleeping bag

What else?

– clothes – it is always useful to take additional clothes or underwear, since it’s hot in summer and one may sweat from the heat

– a towel

– some handy cosmetics (small bottles, a toothpaste, a toothbrush)

– small lapels

– toilet paper (it can out in the bathroom)

– phone charger

– a plastic mug – one can use it for tea or instant soup

– 2-3 instant soups, just in case

– should your child take any medicines, pack them up and attach an instruction, in which you explain which medicines should the child take at a specific time or case and ammount


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