Should you have any problem or be a witness of a situation in which an intervention is needed, eg. there is a full dumpster or there is no toilet paper, please report it to the staff. You can turn to the information service for help. The service is designated on a convention’s map, which one can find in the guide.


The Team consists of the people who are responsible for the whole of the event. A part of them takes care of the program and every each one of them is entrusted with the care of a specific part of the program. One can turn to them for any help applying to the adequate theme.

Another part of the staff are the Team members. They take care of concrete logistic issues of the event, eg. the accreditation.


Staff members can be found all around the event. They are usually solving various problems. Therefore, one should rather turn to the accreditation/information service for help. At those places there is always any of the staff members to be found. This member will be glad to help you in any way.


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