Every participant must show one’s documents (ID or passport) while entering the convention – otherwise, one cannot attend the  convention. Participants who are under-age must also show a written allowance signed by their parents. Since there are many under-age participants, unfortunately, we cannot prove that the child have forged parents’ signature due to lack of staff or obligation to check every single participant. However, we can send the scan of the document.


How to prevent such situations? Parents can send a following message to us:


“As a mother/father of [child’s name, ID number] I do not allow my child to participate in this convention. Please contact me ASAP. [your telephone number here]



Whenever your child will show the ID at accreditation point (therefore, the ID number is important, since many people might have the same name as your child) he or she will not be allowed to participate in the convention and the staff will contact you


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