The money depends on your child’s needs, expenses, financial abilities etc.

Minimal costs of the convention:

– entrance cost – 40PLN, can be bought online by the Rezerwix system

– travel cost – it depends on the distance, traveling class etc. Simply, it depends on you. If your child has not taken a trip to a convention yet, it is good to check your city other convention participants’ plans (in case of a big city one can save up the money buying group ticket). Also, remember that your child needs money for coming back home 🙂

– food – at the convention a cafe will be avaliable. One can buy food throught the whole time of the convention at the cafe. It is not expensive to buy food there and it is not fast food. In the nearest area there are a few restaurants, but they are not avaliable 24/7. Besides, we highly dissuade leaving the convention area. Since the convention is being held in summer it is important for your child to have some money for drinks (there are many small stores near) and for you not to pack up any heavy bottles. There is also no need for your child to bring many instant soups – the most of them is being left at the convention area, because they are too hot to eat in heat.

– souvenirs – there are many exhibitors at the convention, who sell mangas, gadgets and other shiny stuff. It is good for your child to have any money for the gadgets – he/she can save up this money herself or himself. Your child can also take part in contests and exchange the points won in the convention’s store.

– some “just in case” money – it is best to hide it deep in a bag, eg. in a sack with the underwear. What your child would need this money for? It may be useful if your child lose a wallet.


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