Terms & Condition for Media Accreditation

1. E-mail us media@niucon.pl

2. The deadline for accreditation forms is 1st of August 2018.

3. The accreditation is chargeable

4. A press accreditation entitles the press to access NiuCon’s area

5. A media service is given a single accreditation. In special cases we may give you two tickets (a normal one + photo) – to be concerned as a special case please deliver a justification, which will be a base for our decision, by filling in an “Additional comments” space in the accreditation form.

6. The tickets number is limited. We will inform you about the decision by e-mail. We may not give you a ticket even though the accreditation form is sent. Please check your form thoroughly, since the media attention is rather vivid.

7. The tickets will be avaliable to pick up in NiuCon’s office at the convention’s area since first day of the convention, that is 10th of August 2018.

8. All the rules concerning recording festival events   with any audiovisual or photographic tools will be passed to the representatives and press photographers till the day of the concert or event.

9. Any rule’s braking event or an attempt of passing the ticket to an outside person will result in canceling the ticket right away.