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11722528_965197993547917_7364788494993860826_oAnika Stasińskayears passed, adding some wrinkles and pessimistic thoughts. Melancholy looking at the world, and the world looking at her when she sits and writes another idiotic adventures of a guy incompatible with reality. Rafael Bielecki does not grow up and doesn’t toughen up neither in your mind, frankly – he will always remain a small sweet uninvested enough mentally teapot.
Creates with passion, lives in Warsaw, so there are (no) broad prospects for personal development – fortunately Mordor didn’t reach out for her with its tentacles, so she just keeps rolling and sitting like that in her snobby hole. Her life consists of writing, making bracelets under the brand Angelix Gemstone and listening passionately since the birth the same band – Bee Gees forewah.
She plans to write another book (not the Bielecki, but nevertheless not too much away from the subject matter tracks) and conquer the world.
She probably will achieve the later one first..
The author of two volumes of Rafael Bielecki and collaborator with the thesaurus (encyclopedia of Harry Potter).