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We want to include gofers in the manga convention. A gofer is not a helper – it is a perfect job for those of you, who enjoy attending competitions, panels and other events.

What is a gofer’s job? First of all you need to fill in the form and after accepting it a coordinator will contact you (Kira Miyasaki). Since it’s the first time for us to include such a job at the convention every gofer needs to pay for his ticket, but if he fulfill his duties well, which will be restricted by the amount of hours and rooms to check, appointed by the coordinator, the price of the ticket will be given back to the gofer. Gofers are needed at the convention area a few hours before the start and attend training and a meeting. Please remember that a gofer works during the event! You do not have to help in cleaning before and after the event but you may if you want to.

Gofer’s duties

First of all, a gofer has to look after rooms’ order (please do not let participants without their ID to get into a room, as well as do not let anyone to manipulate with the hardware and audiovisual tools). A goofer should also keep an eye on cleaning rooms (check the chairs, air a room, tell the helpers the trash bin is full) and helping the organizers during the events (bring water, materials, signalize the end of the event is soon 10 minutes before it ends). Also, a goofer should inform the Program Organizer (Przybysz) about the lack of the event’s organizer and to look after a spare room (there’s hardware!) as well as to pin an information about the canceled event on the door – it is important to inform about such events since we may keep an eye on this organizer next time. Thanks to your work the convention may be better! Whenever you have any problems you can always inform the guards or the gofers’ coordinator. We may also ask you for help in organizing chairs and tables.

Gofer’s rights

Gofers are treated mostly just like helpers, but their duties are different. Helpers as well as  gofers use the same room for sleeping. They also get different IDs and a document attesting their job during the convention. The best gofer may also get a special price! You may also take part in competitions and panels since you chose your shifts yourselves. Also, gofers get free food.