Packing up

You may use a backpack. A convention usually means a long travel by train in which there is not much space. Therefore, big backpacks are not recommended – especially not with a big foam pad pinned. It just causes problems in a train’s narrow passage. A bag is a good idea too but not for those who live far away. To sum up, a 30l backpack is the best, together with a foam pad pinned vertically or put inside (yes, it is possible!).


Sleeping stuff

A foam pad is the best for taking trips afoot. Although it is light and not big it does not mean it is useful at the convention. Conventions are often held in winter and in schools the floor is not heated. Besides one usually uses public transport to get to the convetnion’s area and it is not comfortable to drag a big luggage on a bus. Of course one may travel on foot but it does not need a foam pad after all.


An air mattress is optimal. If folded it weights more than a foam pad but it takes less space (folded it is similiar to a towel!). It is perfect for a backpack. The most important is that it is warm and stands for a great isolation. No more fear of winter conventions! Someone will surely borrow you a pump.


What to take with you


There is surely quite a lot to take. The cloths are a personal issue since it is only two days away. However, you should remember about taking:

– a towel

– toilet paper (do not be so sure about finding it in a toilet)

– sugar/salt container

– a book for a long trip on a train

– plastic cup (for instant soups or tea)

– some instant soups

– basic cosmetics

– flip-flops (for night toilet trips, besides bathrooms are rather wet)

– phone/laptop charger

– sleeping bag for winter time, a blanket for summer time

– a pillow (you can also buy one for 25PLN)

– foam pad (school floor is not warm)

– any medicaments needed


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