First of all, there is no reason to panic. If your child is not at the convention place, it is probably fine. Maybe he/she does not hear the phone or does not have it with him/her. Your child could have also lost it – at the convention we find 3-4 phones on average. However, we haven’t had any theft so far. Your child can also attend one of the attractions, not every one of which lasts only an hour, eg. LARPs (live action role playing games) may take even up to 4-6h, and sometimes staff can ask the participants to turn off their phones. Your child may also take a shower or wait in line to the bathroom, without a phone.


If you cannot contact your children in 3h please call the main organizer (call 601431590) – we will try to find your child at the convention or localize a person who could be in contact with the child. We will start the search with an official announcment given by the radio center, asking for contact with the staff. We will also send guards to those of the rooms, where there is no radio center avaliable – they will ask the organizers to search for your child. We are sure it will be found quickly :).


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