We are glad to announce a big music festival, which will be organised for the second time in history of Polish conventions! Everyone who is passionate about music, dance or idols may have fun! The rules are pretty simple: the festival is divided into three categories, which mix during the show – those are music category, dance category and visual category. Everyone can take part individually or in groups. The only condition is to e-mail us! Every category will have a winner Master (or Masters – in case of groups).


Do you have a favorite song, some great will, a vocal talent or play any instrument? You should chose a music category.


Do you have a favorite song, good sense of rythm, an individual or solo love for dancing? Dance category is waiting for your applications!


Do you have a favorite idol and a talent for sewing or make-up? If yes, the visual category is perfect for you!

E-mail us: cmf@niucon.pl