• There is limited number of space in the cosplay contest hall – priority to get inside will go to the media, and individuals with a full ticket in the first place.
  • Only people with paid Convention access pass can participate.
  • Applications are open till 31th of July 2018.
  • Only 50 applications will be accepted.
  • We allow costumes already presented before on other Conventions, but not rewarded. Which means that if the outfit in which you want to apply had been on the scene for another convention, but was in no way rewarded (for the awards), it may be presented at this year’s Cosplay.

Terms & Conditions of Cosplay Contest

The T&C may be subject to change before the Contest.

  1. The organizer of the festival NiuCon is the Foundation POPCOOLTURA.
  2. The festival will be held from 10rth to 12th of August 2018 in Wroclaw. Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences will be used as area of the event.
  3. Cosplay Competition is designed for people who act as a characters they chose to be. Participants may incorporate the characters from Anime, Manga, Games, Comics and Film.
  4. Applications for the Cosplay should be sent no later than 31th of July 2018. This is the deadline, after that date the applications will not be considered.
  5. Only 50 applications will be accepted.
  6. Before submitting please make a reservation for the Convention NiuCon 8. Participants who do not make a fully paid reservation will not be allowed to participate in the contest.
  7. Each application must have attachement in a form of a picture of the finished outfit or progress review of it.
  8. Only the applications sent through e-mail to will be considered.
    Applications should be submitted according to the template given below:
    1.   Individual Application:
    1. Participant’s Nickname
    2. Character’s Name
    3. Origin/Series
           4. Short announcement/Summary
    5. Music Background + Character Art + Photo of an outfit (.rar or .zip)
    6. Additional Comments
    7. Contact details
    2.   Group Application
    1. Participants’ Nicknames
    2. Characters’ Names
    3. Origin/Series
    4. Short announcement/Summary
    5. Music Background + Character Art + Photo of an outfit (.rar or .zip)
    6. Additional Comments
    7. Group Leader/Coordinator’s Contact details
  9. Graphics and background should be packed in .rar format as an attachment to an email, the Organizer warns that no other form will not be taken into account.
  10. Gothic Lolita, J-rock, and own projects cannot participate in Cosplay contest.
  11. The competition will accept the outfits that have already debuted in other competitions, but did not win any awards.
  12. The competition will allow to use self created and self sewn costumes/outfits.
  13. The organizers reserve the right to deny participation, if the outfit or group doesn’t comply/fit into the rules of social conduct and standards that are socially acceptable.
  14. Each Participant/Participants’ Group is required to prepare a performance and perform during the jury judgment official trial rehersal. The presence of participants from the trial rehersal is mandatory, failing to do so is to be considered by the jury as the resignation of the entrant and will be a cause for disqualification.
  15. Cosplay Contest Awards:
    1. Best Outfit Niucon 8
    2. Best Female Outfit Niucon 8
    3. Best Male Outfit Niucon 8
    4. Best Individual Performance
    5. Best Group Performance
  16. Winners will receive prizes from the sponsors of the event.
  17. The jury reserves the right not to award the prize in the category.
  18. All Participants are required to fit into performance time limit.
    1. One person – 1 min
    2. Two – five people – 3 min
    3. More than five people
  19. In special cases it may be taken upon consideration if Participant requires specific time amount. The Participant is obliged to contact with the Organizer in advance to request individual time limit.
  20. There is no possibility of registering for the contest during the convention.
  21. In the case of resignation from participation in the competition, the Participant is obliged to inform the organizer of the competition early about this fact in electronic form (e-mail) or in person at the latest during the convention, but before the contest.
  22. Application to the contest is not tantamount to reserving tickets for NiuCon.
  23. The organizers reserve the right to cancel the competition Cosplay because of the low number of applications.
  24. Any questions regarding the Contest, please send an e-mail: in the title giving the “Q”.
  25. Application for Participation in the contest constitutes acceptance of the Contest Rules and Regulations of the Convention (Rules available at

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