Fiction, literature and comics Department

The program of this department will filled with attractions including literature and comics – not only the fantasy ones. There will also be meetings with publishers and famous authors.

  • literary block

  • comic block

Are you curious about Polish comic scene? Do you want to prove the superiority of their favorite publications over the other? Or maybe you do not know where or how to begin? We invite you to Niucon comic block, where you will meet the artists, listen to interesting lectures and fierce debate.

Games Department

Games, something that every player likes the most! This department will be full of rooms with a variety of platforms – from computers and game consoles to the board games. Of course, there will be premieres, lectures, announcements or e-sports, which will be held tournaments.

  • Board and Card Games

This year – as in the previous – we intend to extend the board games block. In the standard, there are representatives of publishing companies with their deserved games or prototypes visiting us. We will also host tournaments with prizes. We will find time to present the new releases on the market as well as time for you – to show you the titles that will delight you and your friends.

You will be able to:

  • rent any board or card game from our retal point,
  • participate in presentation of big AA games, which usually require payment/subscription – here you can try them out for free! (e.g Robinson Crusoe, Horror in Arkham, Game of Thrones etc.),
  • play prototypes of the games not yet released, to actively participate in their development process,
  • meet young game developers and publishers,
  • spend time with friends and relaxing,
  • participate in tournaments.


  • Strategy Games

    At Niucon we welcome another year again with the battle games. A year ago, the idea was met with enthusiasm and joy – so we made sure that this year you will be able to enjoy it as well. Just like a year ago you will learn how to paint your figure and you will see amazing armies of different systems and battlefields. We are planning demonstrations and the presence of different systems (those for seasoned as well as those for the layman), and we encourage you to bring your own army.

    Planned systems:

    • Warhammer Fantasy Battle,
    • Star Wars: X-winga,
    • Gods of War: Napoleon.

    War lasts forever.

  • Electronic Games

  • RPG


Art Department

Artists give shape to our fantasies, desires and passions, create characters with whom we identify, which we love or hate. This department will be of interest not only for the future cartoonists, musicians and dancers, but also more experienced artistic souls. We do not forget, of course, about cosplayers – you too will  be able to find something there for yourself. Here, too, LARPs will be held – from freeforms or jeepforms to narrative chamberlarps.

  • Art Workshop – Coordinator Mangaka

    Block not only practical, but also rich in theory – especially in self-criticism and difficulty with self development. The artist is also someone who is struggling with internal demotivations, reducing not only practical development, but also self esteem. Demotivations act secretly, tempting us with easy reward, but also punishing for the slightest mistake. We do not know of its existence, but he isthere – lurking in the corners of the room.
    This block contains numerous panels: theoretical, practical, but also purely playful, cultural, and even projection. Start finally be an artist for yourself!
  • LARP

    Do you love to play? Or maybe you just want to briefly escape from reality and experience something amazing? Welcome to Niucon LARP block! Here you will find games and workshops for both beginners and advanced players. You will meet with famous Polish LARP figures and take part in the convention game.
    Caring for your well-being and the principle “There is no LARPs for everyone” using special LARP pictograms that inform you about the possible content of controversial themes occurring

  • Film & TV series

    Do you love movies? Or maybe you are fascinated series’ stories? Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the big or small screen, in Niucon block of films and TV series you will find the lectures and panels regarding big screen productions as well as the fantastic and the most popular TV series. There will await you numerous shows and projections.

Asian Culture Department

Niucon and Asia theme are inseparable from the very beginning. This powerful thematic section contains itself everything Asian culture enthusiasts can expect from modern events. We encourage you to participate in an extraordinary expedition to Japan, Korea, China or Taiwan – gems of contemporary Asia.

  • Music Block

    This year also would like to invite you to the music room. Continuously throughout the NiuCon it will play in the rhythm of Asian sounds. The program will include discussion panels, musical competitions, learning choreography and integration activities through which participants will be able to feel truly familiar and friendly atmosphere! This year we are preparing for you even more attractions, more videos, more follies.

  • Cultural Block

    Expanding horizons! Not only K-Pop not only J-Pop! Here is everything a fan could be looking for! Everything will be discussed: the issue of dramas, fetishes, languages or simply things for us incomprehensible. If you are a fan of Asian culture this is the place for you!

  • Big N Block

    The place uniting fans of games and consoles from the Nintendo family. We prepare for you competitions, tournaments, panel discussions and lectures on both recent productions, as well as those retro. You will have the chance to take part in fighting Pokemon, Mario and racing with the big fights in the latest Super Smash Bros.!

Other Attractions

  • Cosplay

    Cosplay is the art of creating costumes and incarnate in the form of manga, anime, comics, movies, and other pop culture sources. Cosplayers are trying to give the most accurate way in not only dress form and outfit, but also its character and behavior, often caring about even the smallest details like using carefully selected lenses and wigs. Hobby is popular in the West and in Japan, also gathers increasing number of stakeholders in Poland.

  • Concerts

    We are preparing for you not only attractions and lectures related to the Convention. Get ready for loads of concerts with  bands playing covers and their original works. Teams already known and the unknown, Polish and foreign!
  • Cover Music Festival

  • Festival Attractions


The panels and attractions will be held in Polish language. Still, we encourage everybody to join and have fun! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.